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At the heart of Sillicon Valley, we build a future where community, compassion, and culture converge. Our new Community Center will foster fellowship, through the celebration of our lives' milestones and shared experiences. It will stand as a pillar of service and charity, offering support to the local and international community in these times of need. As a vibrant cultural hub, it will educate and engage all in the rich tapestry of Romanian traditions that bind us across generations. All three —community building, charitable outreach, and cultural education—work in harmony to enrich the lives of those we serve. 


The Community Center stands as the vibrant heart of our congregation, embodying the realization of a 15-year dream. More than a mere structure, it represents a sanctuary for our life’s milestones—weddings, baptisms, anniversaries—and a space for education and fellowship through shared meals, catechism, songs, and hospitality.

Our mission extends beyond these walls, as we strive to amplify our charitable endeavors that have, for nearly a decade, touched lives in the Bay Area, Romania, Ukraine, and, more recently, Africa. In the face of wars and pandemics, the needs deepened. We need a space to offer more essential services. First, food distribution to combat hunger in East San Jose and beyond. Second, harnessing the diverse professional talents of our parishioners, the Center will also be a nurturing ground for the young minds of our community and East San Jose. We are dedicated to fostering growth in health, science, literacy, parental education, constitutional rights, and outdoor learning, thereby fortifying the intellectual fabric of our community.

Finally, the Center will celebrate and perpetuate our rich Romanian heritage, inviting all to partake in the colorful mosaic of Romanian and Eastern European cultures. Through festive picnics, fun concerts, inspiring exhibits, delectable culinary events, and educational language classes, we will ensure that our traditions not only endure but thrive.

In this haven, we weave the threads of our past into the tapestry of a dynamic and inclusive future, making the Community Center a home where tradition meets aspiration, and we find belonging.

To make this dream a reality, we need your support.  Together, we can pave the way for this space where hope, learning, culture, and community flourish - only together.  You can find more about the center hereDonate TODAY  to be considered an official founder of our community center! 

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