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All visiting children are welcome to join in our free educational opportunities!

Together, Deacon Nicolae, Teacher Alexandra, and youth choir leader Manuela create a multifaceted journey of learning for kids. From religious education to biology, woodwork, art, music, and sports, they offer a holistic education that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. Through their tireless dedication, our students embark on a journey of growth, exploration, and self-discovery.

Deacon Nicolae illuminates the path of spiritual growth for our young community. Through his insightful stories and compassionate guidance, he imparts the wisdom of religious education, fostering a deeper understanding of faith and values.

Teacher Alexandra is our a beacon of inspiration. With boundless enthusiasm and knowledge, she ignites the flames of curiosity within our students. From biology to woodwork, she nurtures a love for discovery and empowers young minds to explore the wonders of the world.

Under the skilled baton of Manuela, our kids' choir blossoms into a symphony of harmony. Through her leadership, our students discover the transformative power of musica, drama and collaboration.


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