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Dear Beloved Community,

As you read this message, the foundations of our long-awaited Church Hall & Community Center are being poured. Our dream is becoming a reality right before our eyes!

However, we are at a critical juncture! Our savings, painstakingly accumulated over the years, are dwindling rapidly. We are embarking on taking out a construction loan, but we urgently need at least $300,000 so the construction continues before the loan is finalized and received. 

Why Help NOW? 

The Church Hall is the beating heart of a congregation. This isn't just a building:  it's the culmination of a 15-year dream. For too long, our congregation lacked a proper indoor space for gatherings, celebrations, and learning. Our priest's humble residence sheltered countless pilgrims, monks, nuns and even people who lost their homes. It is high time for our community to have a place to call our own—a space for weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, guests, carols, and so much more. This is where our traditions will thrive, and future generations will continue our traditions - through catechism, Romanian language classes, Christmas songs, and many more.

Meanwhile, our hall will also be a true Community Center! From 9 AM to 4 PM on weekdays, it will seamlessly integrate into our neighborhood's rhythm, offering vital services to the nearby community, expanding into food distribution programs to address the pressing issue of hunger in East San Jose. 

Using the many professional skills of our parishioners, the center will nurture young minds. From health, science, English reading, constitutional rights and outdoor education for our young learners and those of East San Jose, we are committed to educating and strengthening our community's knowledge base.

Moreover, we hope thig building will become a vibrant Romanian cultural center: a place to celebrate our heritage and invite everyone to join in the rich tapestry of Romanian and Eastern European traditions through classes, exhibits and events. 

To make this dream a reality, we need your support.  We can pave the way for this space where hope, learning, culture, and community flourish - only together.  

Donate TODAY  to be considered an official sponsor of our center’s steel structure! 

Your generous donation will make a world of difference, preserving the heart of our church and community and ensuring that we can be a welcoming space for generations to come. With you, we can bridge this gap, until the loan is secured.

Make your donation NOW and be a Founder of our Church Hall online, by check or your company's matching program.

  • Become a monthly contributor.
  • Make a gift in honor or memory of someone who passed away.
  • Make a gift in celebration of an event or occasion.
  • Give a donation of supplies, services, or equipment.

If you have any questions about how to make a difference, please contact us!


We are grateful to many for much sacrifice and tireless hard work! First, to Father Florin and Father Constantin - without whom this entire project would not be possible. Second, to Mircea Voskerician and Ioan (Nelu) Moldovan, the project managers and members of our building committee. Third,  to the priests' wives and our Ladies' Auxiliary, who worked tiresly for our fundraising meals, picnics and other fundraising events.  Last but not least, to our donors who selflessly gave their support over the years. The community owes them a great debt of gratitude for their unwavering and selfless service!

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